6 personal finance podcasts you must listen to

It’s International Podcast Day, so I thought I’d share some of the podcasts I swear by. I’ve complied a list of 6 personal finance podcasts you must listen to as they offer great insights, which can help you manage your finances better.

However, there’s a lot of personal finance podcasts out there and I’d recommend listening to as many as possible. They all have a unique perspective and will suit different people. I’d love to add to the list too, so, if you think there are any personal finance podcasts you must listen to you that I’ve missed off my list please let me know.

The personal finance podcasts you must listen to - this is an image of the universal podcast symbol

In no particular order, the podcasts I will cover in this post are:

  • Save Like a Bear
  • Cash Chats
  • The Art of Money Saving
  • Money Tipps
  • The Financial Wellbeing Podcast
  • Money to the Masses

Save Like a Bear

Save Like a Bear is a recently launched podcast, but her blog has been going for a while now. Bear offers top tips for saving money and cutting your expenses. Drawing on her own experiences, she helps listeners save a ‘bear sized’ deposit for their first home.

You won’t be left wanting more detail. Extensive research goes into every episode, which Bear then explains in a simple and digestible way.

She is also the only other blogger I’ve come across so far that likes taking financial lessons from TV shows like I do. That gets her bonus points in my view!

Cash Chats

If you have a personal finance question, Andy almost certainly knows the answer. From switching bank accounts to finding the best deals and even explaining all the complicated new government schemes, Andy covers pretty much everything you need to know.

He releases new episodes twice a week, which will help listeners manage their finances better.

Each week, he is joined by a member or friend of the UK Money Blogger community for a chat about money. These episodes cover topics ranging from freebies to investments and are always full of useful tips.

The second episode focuses on the best deals available from the past week. This is a must listen for anyone looking to save some cash.

The Art of Money Saving

A professional opera singer, Joshua first developed an interest in personal finance while at university. His career allowed him to develop unique and transferable personal finance skills, which he explains in his podcast episodes.

He also interviews a range of guests and allows listeners to learn from a range of different perspectives. I will actually be on an episode in a couple of weeks and we had a lot of fun recording it. (Disclaimer: I didn’t include Joshua on this list because he invited me to be on his podcast!)

Explaining his motivations for the podcast, he wrote: “My hope for this page is to encourage and support followers who are keen to pursue financial independence.

“I know that through diligence, consistency, and perseverance, you can make long-lasting changes to your financial life.”

Millennial Money Mindset

Run by Neil Doig, founder and CEO of Money Tipps, this podcast aims to make financial education simple, fun and achievable. This makes it great for anyone looking to grasp the basics, as well as anyone wanting to learn about more complex issues.

Covering topics ranging from pensions, to thrifty living and being environmentally conscious with your finances, the Millennial Money Mindset podcast has great tips for all young people who want to take control of their finances and learn more about money.

The Financial Wellbeing Podcast

Chris Budd is the author of The Financial Wellbeing Book and runs The Financial Wellbeing Podcast alongside Tom Morris, Director & Chartered Financial Planner at Ovation Finance and David Lloyd.

This podcast differs slightly to the others on this list, as it focuses on how we can use money to achieve financial wellbeing and generally improve our lives. It provides expert insight, tips and advice on creating financial peace of mind.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the name, The Financial Wellbeing Podcast also tackles the important issue of mental health and the link between finances and mental health. This is well worth a listen, particularly given the strange times we are currently living in.

Money to the Masses

Damien Fahy left his job in the City after he became disillusioned with how difficult people found it to access financial advice.

Now, he is a popular personal finance and investment expert, who has created a podcast full of useful information and tips for everyone, but particularly investors.

His values strongly align with this blog. He states: “no matter how much you earn your finances are just as important as the next person’s.”

He started Money to the Masses in 2010 and now helps over two million people a year for free. Tuning into his podcast may make you the next person to benefit from his expertise.

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  2. Great post! I’m definitely going to check out these podcasts because I’ve started to get into podcasts and these sound so interesting!

  3. I love podcasts and money! I’ll definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. oooo these all sound so interesting! I’m getting really into personal finance (Patricia Bright has got me wanting to sort my life out haha!) so these are such a useful starting point xx

  5. Hi, nice list. I am a personal finance podcaster. I have been podcasting for three years. I know, I still have a lot to grow, but check out my podcast. Maybe I will make it to your next list. https://www.alainguillot.com/podcasts/

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