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A lot of people say you can make money online. But, do you really believe them? Young people are incredibly versatile and have a lot of skills they can utilise to allow them to actually make money online. But are there online jobs for teens? What exactly is available?

The vast majority of redundancies due to Covid-19 have been felt by young people. A total of 287,000 18-24 year olds and 172,000 25 to 34 year olds have lost their jobs during the pandemic. This does not include those who have been furloughed or taken pay cuts. Therefore, it is likely the number negatively impacted is much higher.

But, the ‘internet generation’ has many strengths. Let’s play to them. If you’re looking for extra income at the moment, you can make more money online just using your laptop or smart phone. There are plenty of online jobs for teens and people in their twenties for that matter.

Here’s how you can do it…

  1. Make Money Online by Using the Internet
  2. Get a Virtual Part Time Job
  3. Start a Blog
  4. Make Money Online Playing Games
  5. Run a Course to Make Money Online
  6. Create Your Own Products To Sell
  7. Sell Your Stuff
  8. Freelance Online
  9. Use Social Media to Make Money Online
  10. Use Cashback Sites to Make Money Online

1. Make Money Online by Using the Internet

Believe it or not, some sites will actually pay you just to surf the internet as normal.

Emma from Bee Money Savvy is a big fan of Swagbucks. It won’t make you rich, but you’ll earn money just for searching online.

Swagbucks will also give you points to watch videos, play games and take part in monthly challenges. These can then be exchanged for gift cards, charity donations and cash straight to your PayPal account.

When it comes to online jobs for teens, this one is hardly strenuous!

2. Get a Virtual Part Time Job

Whether you love or hate working from home, the remote working revolution certainly has some benefits.

It’s now possible to get virtual part time jobs, where you can earn money from the comfort of your home, working the hours that suit you.

Depending on your particular skillset, there’s a lot of different jobs you could try.

One popular choice is becoming a virtual assistant. This involves doing tasks for a busy individual. In normal times, it can involve booking flights or concert tickets. Now, you’ll probably be undertaking various administrative tasks.

You can earn around £20 an hour, if not more, doing this.

3. Start a Blog

Starting a blog isn’t a quick way to make money. It’s hard work and takes a lot of time (trust me, I know!) But, it’s also a lot of fun.

This isn’t a quick way to make money. It will take time to build up an audience and start generating an income. Once you get going, there is no limit to how much you can earn, though. Some bloggers earn over six figures, although most don’t.

In terms of making money, you can do this in a few ways with a blog. You can run ads on your site, which will give you some income; you could use affiliate links to promote products you like; and you can work with brands to run sponsored posts.

4. Make Money Online Playing Games

We’ve already mentioned Swagbucks as a way of making money playing games, but this isn’t your only option.

If you’re a real gamer, you could try Twitch. Essentially, you’ll get paid to play video games while subscribers watch. That’s right, there are online jobs for teens that involve video games!

The amount paid by your subscribers is split 50/50 between you and Twitch. So, the more subscribers you have, the more money you’ll make.

5. Run a Course

Do you have expertise on a particular topic?

If so, you could make money by either creating an ebook or running a virtual course for people to complete.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident doing this, you could use your skills to tutor on sites like My Tutor. This way you’ll also be helping children learn, which is very rewarding.

6. Create Your Own Products To Sell

Are you creative? If so, this may be the perfect option for you.

A lot of people are starting to turn away from more traditional brands and support small creators instead. This is where you come in.

Whether it’s drawings, personalised clothing, handmade candles or something entirely different, there’s likely to be a market for it online.

Once you’ve decided what you want to create, you can set up social media accounts to market them and start selling. Sites like Etsy  make it really easy for you to do this. Alternatively, you can set up a WordPress site and sell directly yourself.

7. Sell Your Stuff

Most of us have far too much stuff lying around that we never use. Rather than leaving it to gather dust in the corner of your bedroom, why not sell it and make some extra cash?

From clothes to sports equipment to wardrobes, there’s bound to be someone who will make use out of the things you no longer want.

Just remember to factor in your postage costs to any prices as these can add up quickly!

Take a look at Depop and Ebay if you’re unsure of where to start selling.

8. Freelance Online

What skills do you have?

It’s easy to be hard on ourselves and not acknowledge the skill sets we have, but in reality young people all have lots of skills that are in high demand – particularly from older generations.

From social media support to copywriting to graphic design, there’s plenty of ways you could help a company or individual.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are great places to start if you’re looking to make money online by freelancing.

9. Use Social Media to Make Money Online

It’s easy to spend far too much time aimlessly scrolling through social media. You could make this time more productive by using it to generate an income.

You don’t need millions of followers to be classed as an influencer. In fact, you can start making money with just 1,000 followers – as long as they’re engaged and are interested in your niche.

Reach out to some brands you like and see if they’d like to partner with you. At first, they may only be willing to give you free samples rather than payment. But, this will change as you build up your reputation and following.

10. Use Cashback Sites to Make Money Online

Cashback sites help you get money just for shopping.

When you’re shopping online, just search for the store you want to buy from on Quidco or TopCashback and click on their link instead. You’ll then get money back on anything you purchase.

Sign up to Quidco using this link and we’ll both get a bonus!

If you start making money online…

Congratulations! Getting part time jobs that work around your schedule is not an easy task.

But remember, you might need to start think about taxes on your side hustles.

The money you make online can add up pretty quickly. Remember, if you earn over £1,000 in any tax year (April to April) you need to register with HMRC for Self Assessment. This is total income NOT profits.

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  7. Some great tips here. I am more of a Prolific fan than Swagbucks, though!

  8. Great article! My wife and I tried out a couple freelancing platforms and ultimately decided Fiverr was the best for us. Great way to earn some extra money if you can find your niche, although you have to get used to haggling with people (everyone wants a discount).

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