International Women’s Day: Female personal finance champions

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a day to celebrate all women and the progress we have made in terms of equality. I have chosen to highlight 5 female personal finance champions.

International Women’s Day is also an opportunity to push for greater diversity and equality. The finance industry still needs this. There are still far more men engaged in finance than women. Meanwhile issues like the gender pay gap and gender investments gap still persist.

This is why these female personal finance champions are so important. They do an incredible job at engaging women and helping them manage their money effectively.

This post will cover:

  1. Why female voices are important
  2. Lynn aka Mrs Mummypenny
  3. Naomi from Skint Dad
  4. Emma from BeeMoneySavvy
  5. Tolu Frimpong
  6. Danni Hewson from AJ Bell

Why female voices are important

Finance is still a male dominated industry. Stereotypes of women not being interested and not understanding personal finance still persist and sadly it puts off a lot of women.

Strong female voices in the personal finance community can help improve this. People need to know that personal finance is for them. Hearing from people they can relate to can really help with this.

When we think of bankers and finance professionals, our minds tend to jump to images of men in suits with briefcases. This simply isn’t the case.

However, we need to see other people doing these jobs and speaking about finances to believe it. The more women speak about finance, the more they’ll realise it is for them.

Lynn aka Mrs Mummypenny

Lynn is probably one of the most relatable and knowledgeable female personal finance champions.

Featuring in the press regularly, Lynn is well known as an expert personal finance commentator. Her blog – Mrs Mummypenny – has relatable stories, as well as tips, explainers and key information on a wide range of important financial topics.

If you’re in need of any more tips, Lynn has also written a book: The Money Guide to Transform Your Life.

She is also very supportive of all women in the personal finance space and has been a huge supporter of my journey.  

Naomi from Skint Dad

Naomi is one half of the Skint Dad team.

Skint Dad has created a money saving empire, which has helped tens of thousands of people save money and get out of debt.

Naomi regularly features in the media and is always keen to share money saving tips, as well as why she thinks Hull is the best city in the country!

Together with husband Ricky, she recently shared her family’s story about how they moved from Kent to Hull so they could buy a property. A quick look at their Twitter feeds and you’ll be under no illusions that they are very happy with their decision.

Emma from BeeMoneySavvy

Emma is the go-to person for any money making tips or freebies.

Her blog – BeeMoneySavvy – is packed full of useful tips and tricks to help you save more, while maximising your income.

She is also the side hustle queen. Regularly making over £1,000 a month from side hustles, Emma provides regular information on how you can do the same and start making money outside of your 9-5.

This helps women become more financially independent, thus empowering women to make the decisions that are best for them.

She won a UK Money Bloggers SHOMOS award for the best money saving blog in 2022. These are hotly contested, so truly demonstrate her expertise in this space.

Don’t get overwhelmed by your finances

Tolu Frimpong

Tolu is a money coach and a finance content creator.

She has paid off £36,000 debt and now uses her experiences to help millennial women stop impulsively overspending, to gain clarity on their financial goals, and to create the perfect money management system.

Her blog is full of useful information and resources to help women improve their financial situation.

Danni Hewson and Laura Suter from AJ Bell

The personal finance team at AJ Bell are true champions of female personal finance.

Danni has had – and continues to have – a very interesting career in personal finance. Previously, she worked for the BBC, championing the most important personal finance stories.

Now she is a financial analyst and podcast host at AJ Bell. I was actually lucky enough to be featured on her podcast last month.

Meanwhile, Laura is head of personal finance at AJ Bell. Previously, she was investment editor at The Telegraph. She is incredibly knowledgeable and definitely someone to follow for up-to-date and informative financial information.

Danni and Laura use their platform to convey complex financial topics to women in a simple way everyone can understand.

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