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The Twenty Percent

A financial journalist, Katie created The Twenty Percent to help young people like herself. Financial education is practically non-existent, but now more than ever, it is important for us to take control of our finances.

I also understand the struggles young people face today. I’m 26 and still learning myself. My main financial goal is to get on the property ladder, which I know is not an uncommon goal for young people. I also like travelling, socialising, running and hanging out with my pup – which aren’t always the most budget friendly activities.

The idea for the name of the business came from the government’s furlough scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic, where many people missed out on 20 percent of their income. It is also a nod to the gender pay gap – in the US women on average earn just 79 cents to the dollar.


I offer freelance writing and editing services, as well as personal finance talks and workshops. I am also happy to make media appearances.

I am organised, experienced and passionate about all things personal finance! I also always meet my deadlines.

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