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Should you worry about the new contactless limit?

The introduction of contactless payments has slowly eradicated the need for cash in many situations. Originally the contactless limit was £30. But, it has been rising ever since. Should you be worried about the new contactless limit? Opinions vary depending on who you speak to. I will explain the pros and cons, as well as […]

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How to take control of your debt

Let’s talk about debt. And more importantly, how to take control of your debt. Many people are struggling financially at the moment and are finding themselves in debt, some for the first time. Debt can be worrying. But, if by speaking about it and forming action plans, you can take control of your debt. It […]

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What I wish I knew earlier | Money bloggers takeover

One thing that’s amazed me since starting this blog was the breadth of knowledge of the money blogging community, so, rather than keep all these new insights to myself,  I thought I’d share some money bloggers’ insights with you all. A key feature of many posts is about financial education and what people wish they […]


To credit or not? – Should you get a credit card?

A lot of personal finance bloggers, particularly those pursuing financial independence, are strongly against credit cards or having any form of debt at all. While there are good arguments for this, personally I don’t think it’s quite as simple as that. The question of should you get a credit card is personal but this post […]

Covid-19 income

Five ways to top up your Covid-19 furlough income

A lot of people will be facing a significant (20 percent) reduction in income in the coming months.
Here are five top tips to top up any missing income and maximise your bank balance.