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Why you must take control of your finances

I’m going back to basics today. I’m going to look at why you should take control of your finances, rather than offering tips on how to achieve this.

Savings and Investments

Home Ownership 101 – A guide for a first time home buyer

One of the most common topics I get asked about on this blog is home ownership and tips for buying a house. For a first time home buyer the process can be very daunting but this rarely deters people. Therefore, I’ve decided to run a series of posts on buying your first home and the […]

Covid-19 income

5 reasons why we shouldn’t rush to ‘get back to normal’

Is getting back to the ‘normal’ financial systems we’ve been part of for so long really a good thing for our own personal finances and for society as a whole? Should we accept a financial crisis and income inequality? This is a slightly different post to usual. But, given the unprecedented events this past season […]