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The worst financial decisions I’ve made

A lot of the time money bloggers seem to have all the answers and get it right all the time. But, that’s simply not true. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. To boost transparency and show we really are all in this together, I’ve decided to share some of the worst financial decisions I’ve made.

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What I wish I knew earlier | Money bloggers takeover

One thing that’s amazed me since starting this blog was the breadth of knowledge of the money blogging community, so, rather than keep all these new insights to myself,  I thought I’d share some money bloggers’ insights with you all. A key feature of many posts is about financial education and what people wish they […]

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Five tips for investing during a recession

About a month ago I took the leap and made my first investment. Investing during a recession is difficult at the best of times. It’s even harder now because the recession has been caused by a global pandemic, which is unprecedented, and no one knows how it is going to play out in the long […]